Nuisance or Gem in the Rough?

This is largely taken (but heavily paraphrased for brevity) from a chapter on compulsive and hyperactive excesses in Steve Lindsay’s book (Vol 3 of the Handbook of Dog Training and Behavior):

“Dogs that exhibit an intense and persistent interest in social contact, toys, treats and other rewards, play such as retrieving games and finding hidden objects, are often gems in the rough waiting to be developed. These highly active, sociable and curious sanguine extroverts are in an almost constant state of readiness to work and play, which really amount to the same thing for them.

Dogs of this sort are essentially normal and there are no drugs or behavioural protocols that can transmute this sort of living gold into a baser substance without simultaneously destroying it.

For dogs born to leap at life with passion, being trapped in a home with little appreciation or understanding of such a dog’s capabilities and needs is simply tragic.

For many dog owners however, the behaviour of these dogs is an unbearable nuisance that is often treated in the worst possible ways, giving the dog behaviour problems that further complicate things.

Owners living with these spirited sanguine-type dogs must accept the challenges of training them, and learn to appreciate the extraordinary potential that these dogs represent.”

What a wonderful description of so many dogs I know!  Not forgetting my own ‘Gem in the rough’!



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