Multi-dog household rules

Some tips for living in a multi-dog household

  1. Spend time with each dog separately to establish your relationship with them individually
  2. Teach new things to each dog alone – don’t try to teach more than one dog something new at the same time
  3. Once they have been trained on tasks alone then train them together or with other dogs present but waiting/relaxing.
  4. Establish a solid Recall and Down/Sit – Stay as a bare minimum
  5. Proof all behaviours with distractions.  In this case distractions include other dogs.
  6. Practice with each dog every day – individually and as a group.  
  7. Have a group name as well as teaching all dogs to respond to their individual names
  8. Teach inequity and frustration tolerance – patience and flexibility
  9. Patricia MacConnell suggests body blocks to manouver dogs.
  10. Teach a sit while the other dog is getting attention and to be alone ina  room or crate.
  11. Teach an alternative behaviour after eating if you feed them together, such as wait at station or wait at bowl to get dessert.
  12. Teach wait at door and release one at a time
  13. Teach a group off/leave

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