About us

Cambridge Dogs provides dog training (classes and one to ones) and behaviour counselling in and around Cambridge.

Our trainers

Kerry-Anne is an instructor for the puppy and adult beginner classes.  She  shares her life with a beautiful bouncy Golden Retriever and a kitten she hand-reared from 3 days old.  Kerry-Anne has a particular interest in puppy development and managing adolescent behaviour.  Having worked in pet retail previously, Kerry-Anne is now a Veterinary nurse so has a particular interest in getting puppies comfortable with being handled and reducing stress during vet visits.

Susannah is a qualified behaviourist with a Masters degree in Companion Animal Behaviour Counselling from the University of Southampton.  She is a Full Member of The Canine Training and Behaviour Society (TCBTS) and  the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC ), both founding member organisations of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC) and recommended by the Dogs Trust, RSPCA and other organisations.  Susannah has a particular interest in issues surrounding dogs in society, responsible ownership and in the rehabilitation of ‘second-hand’ dogs.  In some cases these dogs may not have had the best start in life or their background is completely unknown by those who rehome them.  Her emphasis is on teaching core lifeskills and building secure and trusting relationships to get happy, well-behaved dogs.

Lindsay instructs puppy and bronze classes..   Working for a leading animal charity, she devotes much of her spare time performing and competing with her Staffie, Buzz.  Lindsay also has a degree in Animal Behaviour and has specialist knowledge in puppy class instructing and agility.  Lindsay is one of the few Certified Dog Trick Instructors (CDTI) in the UK and offers trick training classes.

We also offer behaviour consultancy and remedial training services .

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