Essential videos

There are some excellent videos out there demonstrating essential skills for dog owners and trainers; from preventative training such as teaching your dog to enjoy having his collar grabbed, good timing and attitude in clicker training your dog fun tricks, and demonstrations of how to follow out procedures that your behaviourist has recommended for behavioural issues your dog is experiencing (although in this latter case you should check with your behaviourist first that the procedure demonstrated in the video is suitable for your dog – as they are all inviduals and what works for one dog may not be right for another!)

Here are some of my favorites.

Handling and desensitisation and counter-conditioning to life events:

Collar grabs – Pam Marxsen

Medical treatments – Bina Lunzer

Muzzle train your dog – Blue Cross

Essential skills

Settle on a mat – Pam Marxsen

Drop –  Domesticated Manners

Pulling on a lead – Bina Lunzer

Reactive dog skills

Scanning the environment – Janet Finlay

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